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the amazing lennox icomfort touch thermostat

when the heater or cooling system break down, your first reaction is probably panic. you wonder how long it is going to take to get it replaced, or how much it is going to cost. what you should realize is that this is a blessing in disguise. chances are that old heater or cooling system wasn’t even fully meeting your comfort needs anyways. now you have a chance to start over with a new lennox house comfort system. many people will simply replace the single unit that broke down, but you will save money and increase your comfort by replacing everything from the heater and cooling system to the air purifier and thermostat. lennox makes this easy with their icomfort system. this system includes a heater, cooling system, air purifier, dehumidifier, and thermostat. all of the units application in harmony to optimize comfort and efficiency, and they are all directed by icomfort touch thermostat.

the icomfort touch thermostat is like the cherry on top of a truly amazing house comfort system. you may have already heard about the benefits of programmable thermostats, but with this thermostat, the benefits reach far beyond its ability to program different temperatures for various times during the week.

  • touch screen- this thermostat uses a touch screen pad to allow the owner to navigate the settings on each of the units. this state of the art technology allows the property owner to easily recognize what the current temperature is in the house and adjust it quickly and easily. there is no guesswork involved in figuring out which systems are running either. the screen clearly states whether the house is heating or cooling, and it even displays the humidity levels! it is also one of the most easily programmed thermostats on the market because there are no confusing buttons or switches. everything is controlled by the power of your fingertip.
  • no manual needed- this thermostat has a “help” option programmed into almost every screen. so even if you know nothing about heating and cooling, you do not need to search for a manual every time you have a problem. the thermostat has the information you would find in the manual available for you whenever you may need it.
  • reminders- another unique feature of this thermostat is its ability to alert you to the systems needs. if the system needs a new filter, the thermostat will display why it needs to be replaced, and it will let you know exactly what kind of filter your heater needs. there is no more searching for the filter inside the heater and dragging it to the local hardware store to get a replacement. the thermostat will also let you know when your heater or cooling system is in need of maintenance. whether there is a functional problem or if it simply needs its around the clock clearing, the thermostat will remind you.
  • optimizes the heating and cooling systems- the icomfort touch thermostat is able to directly communicate with the icomfort technology that is built into the heater and cooling system. this enables your units to provide you with accurate heating and cooling based on the temperatures that you set on the thermostat. older less efficient thermostats will often allow the temperature to vary between as much as five degrees in either direction. that could make a big difference in the comfort of your house.
  • 5+2 model programming- this means that you could either set your thermostat to run one program every day of the week, or you could set a special program for the weekdays and a different program for the weekends. this boosts the power efficiency of your house. the u.s. department of power states that a programmable thermostat can reduce heating costs up to 35% and cooling costs up to 25%. that translates into huge savings on your power bills, and the icomfort system makes it easy to receive these savings.

replacing your heating and cooling systems can be frustrating and confusing, but with the lennox icomfort system you get the peace of mind of having a reliable house comfort system. the icomfort touch thermostat makes the transition to new systems even smoother by being technologically advanced without sacrificing user friendly function. if this sounds like a system you want to learn more about, contact four seasons heating and air conditioning. we are a premiere lennox dealer, and we offer the lennox icomfort system to every property owner in chicago and the chicagoland area. our knowledgeable salesmen will be able to give you more details about how you could benefit from this system. all you have to do is call today and schedule for a free in house estimate with four seasons heating and air conditioning.

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