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heating and cooling your new addition

you finally finish adding an addition onto your house. you have already spent thousands of dollars and exhausted months living with a building craftsperson going in and out of your house, but finally you can begin to enjoy the new space. or can you? if you didn’t have a heating and air conditioning craftsperson have a look at your heating, ventalation, and air conditioning system, you probably aren’t going to be enjoying much of anything in the new addition until you do. only a certified heating, ventalation, and air conditioning craftsperson should be installing or extending heating and cooling equipment in your house.

standard problems

a standard problem that many people who add additions to their house experience is inadequate heating and cooling in the new space. many building contractors will simply add additional channel application to the existing system and hope that it is enough to get the space to a comfortable temperature. unfortunately, your heating and cooling systems were probably installed to handle only the square footage of your house before you added on the addition. if you added on an additional floor to your house, you may have an even bigger problem.

what can you do to fix the problem?

consider having a certified craftsperson from four seasons heating and air conditioning out to evaluate your situation. our technicians will be able to determine the source of the problem. if your units are not big enough to support the extra space, you have a couple options.

first of all, you could simply upgrade your current heating, ventalation, and air conditioning system to a larger unit. if that isn’t an option, you could also add an additional heating and cooling system to the house. usually if the addition is small, all you should have to do is upgrade the unit. if you added something large like an additional story to the house, you may want to consider installing a separate unit. having two heating and cooling systems will ensure that every square inch of the house will be comfortable to live in.

the craftsperson may find that your current heating and cooling systems are big enough to handle the extra space, but that the problem is caused by the new channel application. you may need to reroute the channel application, or replace it with a higher quality material in order to increase airflow into the new rooms. also, you may want to consider installing a booster fan in the channel application, to help the air blow more strongly in the new parts of the house.

trust four seasons heating and air conditioning

four seasons is able to solve your heating and cooling problems. whether you need a new system or new channel application, four seasons has the skill and expertise to get your new addition in sync with the rest of the house. trust four seasons and before you know it, you will finally be able to take pleasure in the new space within your house.

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